The Forsaken RPG

Rules and Guidelines

§ Journals are used to keep other players informed on the goings-on of each other. Entries are made in character’s journals either in story form (the character explains where he/she has been or what he/she has been doing) or in journal form (the character writes in his/her "journal" about goings-on or his/her thoughts). As you read entries made in journals, you may comment- Think of this like a glorified Twitter - you are telling everyone what you're up to. If you would like to make a private entry, please place it under a cut with the title "Private Entry" or "For (name) Only".

§ Plotlines are enforced, yet they are flexible. Everyone will be included, be it a quest, a war, or a get-together. However, focus is also made on relationships between characters as plots develop.

§ Update requirements: You must make two posts of some sort once every month. One can be thread, one can be conversation, one can be journal entry. ONE of your posts (minimum) must be an interaction post. Both posts can be, but it is not required.

§ You will respect all other muns. Do not "bash" another mun in the community, a journal belonging to the community, the ooc community, or in chats. This will not be tolerated! NO FLAMING!!! If you flame, you are to blame.

§ You will consult other muns before including his/ her character(s) in any storyline. The other mun must be aware of his/ her character(s)'s involvement in anything.

§ There is a maximum of 6 characters per player. ((Note to current members: Before you adopt a new character, please make sure you are willing and able to play all of your characters. If you are unsure if you will be able to do this, ask a mod for advice.))

§ PREGNANCY RULES: Please contact a mod if you are interested in impregnating your character. This will be addressed on a case by case basis.

§ DEATH AND RESURRECTION: Death is permanent. Please note that a character can come back as a ghost, under special circumstances. Please see a mod about this. 

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