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In the ancient days, the gods relied on Seers to prophesize their next move, and foresee any dangers that faced the supernatural deities. These Seers would band together and hold rituals to See what lay ahead for all beings; man, god, and other alike. Nearly 12,000 years ago, the Seers saw something that frightened the gods so much that they took drastic measure. They held a counsel and decided that, to save themselves, they would do the unthinkable. Combining their powers, the sent all supernatural beings to the continent of Atlantis. To keep balance in the world, the gods did not destroy the island. Instead, they sent it to another realm, where they would be safe from what the Seers had predicted - the downfall of the gods by the extraordinary... by the supernatural.

Now the only god who can intervene and communicate with the beings is Eä. He is the Supreme Being, the one true deity.


For thousands and thousands of years, the supernatural (as well as the unfortunate humans) have lived on the continent and have reached a point of peace and prosperity. The Seers, however, who were banished with the beings (out of fear, naturally) have been seeing things which could change the shape of their world forever. Darkness is coming... who will stand and fight?

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