The Forsaken RPG

Please email your application to Put your character race in the subject line of the email. Special thanks for Beyond the Mirror for letting us use their application.

Out Of Character
AIM & Email:
Time Zone & Availability:
RP Experience:

In Character

Age & Apparent Age:

Supernatural powers: (Most races have generic powers, but what are their strengths? How do they use their abilities?)

Special Abilities/Powers:

Physical Description:
PB: (Please also attach an image or link us to one).

Personality: (How do they act with friends, or with strangers? What are the things they enjoy or hate? What are their good and bad points? etc.)

Background: (What was/is their family like? What have they done in their life? How have they gotten where they are now? How aware are they of the other supernatural beings?)

RP Sample: (Preferably with the character you will portray in the game. Third person point of view, and at least two paragraphs in length, please.)

You are to blame if you...?

Any plot ideas or other information we should know?

How did you hear about us?

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