The Forsaken RPG



When Atlantis was banished, the “other” races of the world were sent away with it. Below are these races, and the characteristics of each. Please keep in mind that we are open to other race suggestions, and that these are just guidelines. Run your idea by the mod when applying, and it will be considered on a case by case basis. We know that not all of the races below are exactly as you would like your character to be, so don't worry! We're easy.




Vampyres are much like the ones of legend with small exceptions.

-          Like you have heard, their source of nourishment is blood.

-          They are immortal, and thus the un-dead.

-          They are unable to stand on “sacred” ground – the ground that is inhabited by a Seer.

-          Their pale skin typically gives them away to their enemies, though the always visible fangs could be a deterrent.

-          Water, strange as it sounds, can weaken them and make them sick, particularly if ingested. Therefore, vamps generally live in the center of a city, away from bodies of water.

-          They have super senses, strength, speed, and a “thick skin”.

-          Unfortunately, they must take care of their business during the night – daylight lulls them into a deep sleep, in which they can heal from most typical wounds.

-          They cannot reproduce; only use their venom to infect their victims.

-          They lean toward the darker side of a fight...


Were- creatures

Were-'s are quite unique creatures.

-          There are either bitten or born, though either way is quite painful.

-          The origin of the were- is quite unknown, though many attempt to speculate.

-          They can shift, obviously, from human to their animal of infection at will (contrary to the 'full moon' story). At first, the shifting is painful and takes quite a few minutes to complete. With age, they can transform relatively painlessly and in mere moments.

-          When in their animal form, they tend to form packs. In said packs, they have a pack mentality and can speak telepathically with their fellows.

-          They have heightened senses in both forms, which is extremely invaluable against all foes.

-          Their skin, as well as hide, is quite thick. It doesn't hurt, of course, that they have regenerative abilities.

-          The dominant abilities their animals possess transfer to the were- in human form. For example, a were-cheetah will not only be able to run down another were- in animal form... he could also outrun any marathon runner.

-          While not immortal, the were- can live for an exceedingly long time.

-          That is, granted he is not put down by silver. The silver legend holds merit – silver, while not fatal, can cause an acidic reaction to the were-'s venomous blood.

-          If not treated properly, the were- could die.


Tuatha De Dannan

Irish mythology paints a picture of interesting camaraderie for the De Dannan warriors.

-          While it is true that the warriors tend to stick together, they are just as deadly and fierce on their own.

-          With great feathered wings, the De Dannan warriors can fly to any destination, as well as mount an aerial assault.

-          An advantage to the wings is the bonus of remaining out of sight to humans, who would never believe they actually existed. Granted, this ability isn't really worth anything in Atlantis...

-          These warriors are proficient in any weapon they pick up and are quite intelligent.

-          Demons ought not cross these deadly warriors.



The first race that graced out earth were the elves.

-          They are wise, graceful, and eloquent.

-          Their immortality has perhaps had ill effects on their natures – they tend to be very detached from the goings on of humans and other fragile life-forms.

-          They are very in touch with the earth, going so far as to be able to commune with the plants and some animals with focus.

-          Unfortunately, due to their keen sense of nature, they are highly susceptible to unnatural poisons.

-          The elves are very magical beings; some would venture to believe they were created from magic.

-          This may explain their unnatural beauty – which can be quite unnerving to look upon.

-          Though the elves live forever, not all wish to learn everything there is to know about the world. Instead they focus on one specialty and become the best there is in it.

-          Their enemy – the dwarf.



Made of stone, the gargoyles are a very strong race.

-          By day, it is easiest for the gargoyle to turn to his nature stone, though he does not have to abide.

-           The sunlight will drain him, if he does not take cover, however.

-           He is a very protective, chivalrous being, who can turn portions of himself (as opposed to the whole) to stone at will.

-          He is immortal and can reproduce, though it has not been thoroughly explained as to how.

-          He eats stones and gems.



A handful of angels were sent to Atlantis upon its banishment – to police the evil in that world.

- These winged knights can teleport to anywhere in Atlantis with just a thought.

- They are pursuers of knowledge and uphold the belief that there is good in everyone.

- These armor-wearers are immortal, and will spend their life hunting the evil that has infected the land.

- They are weakened by the dark and can conjure light with but a thought.



There are many types of demons, and they all hate the angels.

-          Demons can be deceptive – they can appear as normal humans, but change at will into a hideous (or not-so-hideous) monster.

-          The downside to being in their human form – they have all the same weaknesses as the humans do, as they are hiding their powers.

-          They are secretive and corrupt, and tend to be behind many shady dealings.

-          These beings are also immortal, and can grow spikes from their demonic skin to use as armor.

-          They are weakened by the light and can conjure darkness with but a thought.



Ah, the gnomes.

-          Very small creatures, reaching mostly to the knees of most humans.

-          They are tinkerers and tricksters, always experimenting and trying to build something mechanical.

-          Though they enjoy their tinkering, there is a high probability for hilarious failure.

-          Not very safe and tend to be clumsy.

-          They have keen perception, though are not at all wise.

-          Their lifespan is similar to that of a human’s.

-          They don’t really enjoy interaction with other races, thus their building of the Mech City.



These shape-shifters are very interesting creatures.

-          They can shift from human to a bird-like creature with a long beak-like nose and crow’s wings.

-          These athletic beings are highly skilled in martial arts.

-          They are tricksters as well, and tend to act upon their judgments of others (highly judgemental).

-          Extremely knowledgeable, they know how to do most anything. And if they don’t, they’ll learn.

-          They can live an unnaturally long time – thousands of years.

-          Many tend to not know much about the Tengu, as he is quite adept at hiding (supernaturally so). If he doesn’t wish to be seen, he will not be seen.

-          Can ‘feel’ the future, and predict what is to happen next with extreme accuracy.



These self-described chameleons can take on the shape and size of almost anything.

-          It is said that the Changelings began as a mutation of the were-.

-          Their life spans are similar to that of the were-.

-           If they change too frequently, the can get ‘lost’ and never able to find their true selves.

-          With age, they can change portions of themselves instead of the whole.

-          Like the were-, they have an affinity to silver.

-          Examples of Changelings who ‘got stuck’ – Chimera, Griffon, Hippogriff.


Faeries/ Pixies

Innocence personified, one would say.

-          Extremely tiny, the faery is typically under a foot in height.

-          These forest-dwellers are extremely difficult to find, unless they wish to be found. Their homes cannot be seen unless they wish for them to be seen.

-          They are harmless thieves who love a good prank.

-          Their childish natures tend to lead them to help unfortunate people and children.

-          They gather in groups, possibly for protection, as they do not live quite as long as humans.

-          Extremely magical, they are bound by magical attributes. They are bound by rules. The stories about their nature are true, and they must abide by the magical rules placed therein.



These small miners can be quite a handful.

-          The dwarf is about half the size of a human; and tends to dwell in the mountains.

-          These hairy beings live in clans, and thus have a clan mentality.

-          They love beer and partying, though it does not rule their lives.

-          They can live thousands of years, and will generally devote their lives to perfecting their craft of choice.

-          Each clan, who is adept at their individual craft, has liaisons with outsiders for trade and barter.

-          They are very masculine in their mannerisms.

-          Enemy – the elf.



Basically... trees!

-          These are no ordinary trees – they can walk and talk.

-          Due to their tree-like nature... they are typically found in the forest.

-          Generally speaking, the treants are very tall and powerfully strong. The size of the treant depends on which type of tree he represents.

-          When dire need arises, the treants can summon their tree brethren to awaken and come to their aid.

-          They are slow and wise, and can communicate with the animals of the forest.



Ghosts, sadly enough, may not actually know they are dead.

-          When a person dies, and is passionate about something (be it a person, place, or object), they can remain behind as a ghost.

-          They are human-like until they realize they are ghosts. At that time, they can become invisible at will.

-          With practice and patience, the ghosts can touch objects. Their sense of feeling, however, is lost to them.

-          They are vulnerable against magic.

-          Upon possession of people, they can feel what the body they are inhabiting can feel. This ability, however, is very difficult to acquire. They must practice and become adept at inhabiting someone else's body.



Witches/ wizards, and sorcerers/ sorceresses are very similar yet have their differences.

-          Both are extremely magical (obviously).

-          Sorcerers have an innate magical ability; wizards have to practice and be trained in the are of magic before they can use it.

-          Sorcerers are more powerful and can manipulate (change) their spells. They are more spontaneous and do not have to memorize from books.

-          Wizards have to memorize and recite incantations for their spells to be affective. They cannot change a spell (like a sorcerer can) once it is uttered.

-          The magic in them causes them to live longer than most humans.



In the land of Atlantis, there are humans and there are Seers.

-          When Atlantis was banished, the humans who inhabited the land were sent with it. The Seers from around the world were also sent with them. Because of this, most humans now have Seer blood.

-          The Atlantean humans are more intelligent and live longer than the humans in other areas of the world due to the supernatural realm in which they live.

-          Also due to the supernatural creatures, as well as the realm, the humans have been gifted with intermittent abilities, though some do not know what their ability may be.

-          They have exceptional speed and strength.



There are four different types of elementals.

-          Elementals come into existence our of their element. The Angels and Demons are the ones who bring the elementals to life.

-          At first, the elementals appear as normal humans. As they age, they discover their ability to control their element.

-          As they age further, the elementals become more and more like their element... eventually returning completely to what they were before.

-          Because of this fact, they have an extremely short lifespan and seize the moment.


The types of elementals are listed below:

-          Water

o       Slow, but fluid.

o       Tranquil

o       Can manipulate water.

o       Purifies the area around them.

o       Opposite of Fire.

-          Fire

o       Nimble

o       Emotional

o       Passionate

o       Can manipulate fire.

o       Can chemically alter objects they come in contact with.

-          Air

o       Speedy

o       Lithe and playful.

o       Tend to float along, emotional.

o       Manipulate winds and weather.

-          Earth

o       Hearty and slow.

o       Sturdy

o       Can make plants grow

o       Can manipulate the earth


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