The Forsaken RPG

Major Locales

Barren Plains
The Barren Plains are aptly named due to their miles of savannah. Humans rarely make the Plains home, as many wild beasts and elementals tend to reside there.

This area of Atlantis is, well, dead. A fog seems to hang eerily on the ground, all times of the year. It is a wasteland, inhabited by the creepy-crawlies and the things that go bump in the night.

Haven Mountains
These mountains are sanctuary to all dwarves and other mountain-dwellers. Unfortunately, the balrog calls it home as well.

Fallen City
The large metroplex is the only city on the island-continent. It was renamed when Atlantis was banished from Atlantica to The Fallen City. Some of the early structures have fallen to ruins, which leads to many misconceptions about the city's stability. There are modern as well as ancient buildings in the forboding city. Several waterways wend through the sparkling suburbs.

The forest is home to all the elves, treants, and faeries. The faeries have their homes closer to the borders of the land, as they love interacting (though invisibly) with other races. Elves are deep within the trees, and are harder to find.

Mech City
The mech city was build by the gnomes. It is made up of many mechanical structures, most of which do not work.


Below are some locations of interest throughout Atlantis...

Living Ladder – The gnomes built this constantly-moving building in their Mech City. The building itself is made of rooms, gears, pulleys, belts, forges and constantly-moving self-assembly lines. The gnomes that work and live in the tower find themselves on a different level every day, perhaps with windows and perhaps not. The tower turns and twists, sometimes sways far too much to make the stomach churn as it re-assembles itself to rise out of the ground. Occasionally a gnome will 'break off' a piece of the tower to 'plant' it in another place, creating new habitats for more gnomes to experiment. 

White Wave – At the very height of the tallest building still standing in the Fallen City is the White Wave Beacon. The decrepit building has been largely ignored and seems a wonder to still stand, but on the observatory lives the angels and those beings that come there as a sanctuary to exclude themselves from the world around. A white light thrums with pulses of power from the only treasure the angels were left with: a copper fountain that overflows in streams to fall to the land of Atlantis.  

Sightless Pool - Sanctuary of the demons. The Sightless Pool's doorway is a fetid pool of blackened water in a cave hidden deep in the Haven Mountains where the dwarves dare not approach. Submersion in the black water will transport a being to a large cavern devoid of light where the demons can find a safe place from the beings that would destroy them. Cold crystalline structures of ice are chiseled into buildings to serve the demon's needs. 

Rift Streams - (elves/pixies and fairies) The Rift Streams aren't exactly a place, but more of a revealing of what is already there. The elves, pixies, fairies and tengu are often able to avoid being seen, as well as their homes. Sometimes during the day, but more often during the night, streams of a blue light flow and snake across the lands, changing a normal sight to where the fae rest. The Fae live in a slightly different realm. A lush open area may seem empty at first, but a stream passing through might reveal a faerie city hidden from normal view. It might reveal the elven homes in the trees or the pixies sleeping in their flowers. The streams are unpredictable, but for the best chance of viewing the 'other side,' head to a lush area. Most fae are concentrated in the forest sanctuary, but an especially large amount of faeries can be found to have drawn a line of 'combat' outside the mech cities. 

Deep Silence – The Deep Silence is a ring of stones much like stonehenge where some beings are drawn to center themselves. Great powers of insight and wisdom are found here. Often, a werecreature will lay in the Divining Stone, the great pedestal in the center, and allow them to speak clearly to both their alternate form and their ancestors. This place is largely a secret to the werecreatures due to it being in the Barren Plains, thus there's normally a fight to get to it. 

Rune Grotto – In the fallen city there is an ancient lake with the Rune Grotto nearby. The large grotto houses statues from before the city fell. Occasionally, runes will appear on a statue and bring it to life as a gargoyle. Gargoyles come back here often from time to time, meeting to discuss the going-ons of Atlantis and trying to devise ways of protecting the creatures within. There is a risk, though. Occasionally, if a gargoyle stays too long, the runes of the gargoyle fade and they become an inert statue again. This is not seen as a bad thing, but merely a rest until the immortal awakens again. 

Myth Sanctuary – This is where most of the Seers who delve into their abilities go. Bookshelves line the cathedral's walls as artwork is on display from the inner chambers to the building itself with its flying buttresses. Spiral staircases not only go to higher levels, but lower into the Amesthys chambers, where the crystal is found in abundance. One crystal, the largest, is actually used as a power source that other locations feed off of.  

Father Void – The only official graveyard of Atlantis is in the Fallen City. A simple archway on a hill contains a prismatic energy that is used to pass the deceased beyond its threshold. The gods designed the doorway to speed the 'ascension to the next.' From time to time the curtain of color turns black, and a number of ghosts escape, rising questions that are never answered. 

Wander Pyramid – In ancient times, this and other pyramids were used as a form of expedient travel. One would enter the pyramid's vault and use a multitude of doorways to travel like the wind to another pyramid or way-stone across the world. But at the time of Atlantis' banishment, the gods stopped the pyramid from working and buried the way-stones on the island. Over time, some of the Atlantians have found the stones and have been able to open up paths to travel on, but they are rare.  

Soul Tower – A small half-collapsed wooden hut in the Fallen City is a, GASP, illusion. Upon walking in the character enters an extra-dimensional space that appears to be the inside of a 43-story tower. Each level represents a depth of knowledge and skill in the magical nature of a magic user. The properties of the rooms are controlled by will to those who have made it at least to the 20th level. Properties include temperature, inertia and gravitational pull. In general, physics can be altered in all but chemical levels. 

Crimson Sanctum – Largely a black-market for dark arcane users and demons, here you can find nearly anything you want, for a price. Held in the deadlands, the Crimson Sanctum is a city upon itself where the things that can't help but bump in the night come to indulge themselves without an angel or warrior coming to keep tabs. Here, slavery and murder come hand-in-hand with living, along the local guilds trying to keep a loose grip on power as they build a small empire of gold. The only law here is a contract sealed with blood. 

Nether Dunes – Vampyres gather at the Nether Dunes in the Deadlands. Far from the island's edge and near no river, great stone structures shelter the vampyres. Often the city's houses are only half-occupied due to the need of feed drawing the creatures far from their homes in search for blood. Often, the undead will buy slaves to watch over them during the day as they sleep. 

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